We may not have met yet, but I know that if you're searchin' round this website,
you're probs just like me a few years ago: 

Struggling with your body image
Not sure how to accept your post-partum bod.
Stuck comparing your reality with everyone else's "best of".
Thinking you'd love yourself if you could jussssst lose another 15 pounds
Concerned about what you look like as if that's the only thing that defines your worth. 
Tracking meals, counting calories, and feeling guilty if you eat something "bad".
Pinching, prodding, and hating on your body's natural tone, marks, wrinkles, and jiggly bits.
Wishing you were smaller, taller, shorter, blonder, skinnier.... or another "sought after" adjective.
Never being ultimately satisfied with yourself, and thus always inevitably "feeling fat".

Sound familiar?
I've been there. I wasted so many years trying to hate myself into loving myself. 
It's not possible. But I learned how to change my mindset, and that, dear friend, seriously 
C H A N G E D   T H E   G A M E.

And I can help you change yours. 

































...learn how to live your life WITHOUT constantly obsessing over your body,


...find a way to accept yourself RIGHT NOW,


...let go of self-judgement and learn how to be more self-compassionate,

...learn how to NGAF about what other people might think of you,


...find a movement strategy that you LOVE and that you consistently maintain,


...let go of comparison and perfectionism,


...start living a life where you aren't restricted, don't feel ashamed or guilty, and don't give a flying f*ck what the size on your jeans says...

I can show you the way there. I'd be honoured to.

So who am I? And why am I here?

I'm a Women's Confidence & Life Purpose Coach, who has now officially spent half of my life working in the corporate fitness industry. I love educating about fitness and wellness, but there's a disconnect in the industry that a lot of women don't see. Our world is way too concerned with the external image, and companies masquerading as "health" industries are silently preying on our constant negative self-image. The disconnect is that "fitness" is often marketed in a way that makes you feel you aren't good enough as-is, so you must change, transform, and get smaller, in order to BE good enough.
Example: "Get your summer body ready!" ...as if your current body is somehow not "ready for summer".

Your summer body is ready now. Fitness is NOT for the outside, it's for the INSIDE! 
For the longevity, the healthy bones and joints, improving your strength, helping you sleep better, giving you energy and teaching you how to move properly and accomplish tasks with ease. Fit people come in all different shapes and sizes. The EXTERNAL benefit of potentially losing weight is a BY-PRODUCT of consistent, regular exercising.  It is NOT the #1 reason you should be active, eat well, and live healthy. Yet is is often the ONLY thing companies promote.

"Look better naked! Get this cellulite cream!"
"Look skinnier now! Buy this detox tea!"

When it's marketed it like that, women start thinking that if they don't look like that fitness model, there must be something wrong with them. If they don't look perfect and flawless, they aren't normal.
Cue wallets opening everywhere. 




I've always struggled with my body image. I was the "biggest" and "tallest" one through my school years, and I constantly struggled with my relationship with food, fitness, and valuing myself outside of my looks or weight. I have been through obsessive-compulsive fitness and nutrition phases, and I've been overly critical of myself if I reached or surpassed any "number" that I deemed unacceptable. I've been a size 6 and a size 16. I've been praised for "looking incredible" and "losing weight" when I was the most unhealthy, unfit person I'd ever been on the inside. Talk about confusing.

When I became a mother, I struggled hard through my own postpartum body image; I spent 2+ hours per day at the gym and ate hardly anything for the last half of my maternity leave. All I was concerned with was weight loss and "looking like I did before I was pregnant." 

Well, I got there, I "achieved" reaching my pre-pregnancy weight, and then some.
...And I was still severely unhappy and continued to be overly critical of myself. 
What the hell?! 

So I began investigating the reasons why. Why did I accomplish the goal I'd set out, that I thought was SO important and valuable, and still feel unhappy? Unsatisfied? Like I was still not good enough? Still too "fat"? Still needed to obsessively count calories and lose more weight? 

Because I hadn't dealt with the shit that was going on inside my mind. 
The negativity. The poor self-talk. The criticism. The limiting beliefs. The value contribution.
If you don't deal with the shit going on inside your head, you'll never feel good enough, no matter how "good" you can make yourself look on the outside. 





















Losing 20 more pounds will not create a happy mindset.
Getting from a size 10 to a size 4 will not create a happy mindset. 
It truly starts inside. Like the foundation of your house.
And if you still want to paint the shutters afterwards, that's cool.
But even if you don't, you'll still be happy with your house.)

Know what I'm sayin'?

I'm also a #1 Best-Selling Author, with hundreds of women already loving on themselves daily using my 5-minute #MomfidentAF Self-Love Journal; I'm host and producer of "The Momfidence Podcast", a Top-Rated show on iTunes and Spotify that has thousands of global listeners weekly; A corporate-climbing Fitness Leader inside Canada's #1 Fitness Facility; and of course, I'm the mom to a beautiful (and wild!) three-year-old named Presley, wife to my high school sweetheart Chris, and #DogMom to my first "baby", a King German Shepherd named Molson. 

I get it. I get you. I know how you feel.
And I want to help you learn how to love yourself, RIGHT. NOW. 

So? Are you ready? Let's do this. 
Here are some easy ways we can start connecting:

Check out the Podcast, find me on Instagram, get your own Self-Love Journal, or if you're really ready to work on YOU and overcome some of that crap we talked about earlier... check out my Coaching Options

(I'll wait here.)

*Pours a glass of wine*

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 2.10.53 PM.png

170 lbs
Obsessive, restrictive, negative, narcissistic, terrible self-image, unhappy, unfulfilled, thought I was "fat". Fake smiling and then spending 20 minutes criticizing this photo and all my "flaws". 

200 lbs
Happy, fulfilled, content with my stretch marks, scars, lumps, bumps, lines, wrinkles, the number on the scale, and the size of my pants. At peace and able to focus on living life. Finally seeing a photo of myself and thinking "I look great!"

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