Below are available co-author books open for application. Once you fill out the application form, a member of the LeadHer Publishing team will connect with you about how to officially register, so long as there are still spaces available. We welcome ALL interested writers into our projects and encourage identifying women of all backgrounds and ethnicities to apply. 


"Honest as a Mother"

A Collaborative Book Sharing Honest Experiences of Raw Motherhood
Featuring Lead Author: Amanda Gurman


Project Overview
Topic: Sharing your honest experience(s) through motherhood and parenting - even (and especially!) the difficult parts.

Purpose: To change the conversation around the motherhood experience; to show other moms that parenting is never sunshine and rainbows, and that it's okay if you aren't having a blast 24/7. This book will serve as a connection portal from one mom to another. It's a book by moms, for moms - to help everybody feel seen on their journey.

Requirements: You need to be a mother (obviously 😂), who is willing to be honest, open and vulnerable about your experience(s) with motherhood. This means peeling back some layers and accessing potentially uncomfortable topics for the greater good. If you experienced difficulty through any part of your parenting journey (even if you are currently a new mom, or experienced difficulty only in one stage/phase of motherhood) we're looking for your story - so long as you're willing to share it! 

Part of this partnership includes the fact that full editing services are taken care of. You need a desire to share your voice, but great spelling and grammar are just an asset, not a prerequisite. 💕 






What do I need to do to apply?
Fill out the application form above. We do our best to accommodate all writers who want to participate, but we do have a limit of total authors per book. In some cases, a second volume of the same book topic may be created, if there is enough interest. 

What happens after I apply?
Applications are reviewed and if you're offered a spot, you will be contacted via email to take registration steps. Keep in mind, it could be 7-10 business days before you hear from your Lead Author. This depends on when you are applying. If you apply as soon as applications open, it will likely be a week or so before we're sitting down to review all applicants. If you apply later in the process, it's possible we could email you shortly after you apply, if we're already moving through applicants who applied right away. 

As mentioned we try to accommodate as many writers as possible, but we review applications to check your commitment level and to understand what you plan to be writing about before we begin.

What does co-authoring even mean?
You write your one chapter. We take care of all the rest.
"The rest" includes coaching and writing support during the writing phase, education and trainings during and in advance of the launch phase, and ALL PUBLISHING REQUIREMENTS to take your chapter from word document to tangible book.
The publishing process is complex and involves a lot of steps and details. This is all handled for you. Your two main commitments are to 1) write your chapter and submit it by the deadline, and 2) to participate in the group environment and keep up to date with information/project details.

Where does my investment go?
Co-author funds are invested primarily into publishing costs associated with production of a book. Publishing costs range but are generally in the arena of a mid-range five figure investment when all work has been completed with a focus on detail and quality. The funds are used for all elements of the publishing process including graphic design, copy and developmental editing, proofreading, interior layout/typeset, formatting, and more. The funds also go towards the time and energy commitment of both the Lead Author and Publisher in facilitating, coaching, and organizing a co-author group for 9-12 months. 

As a co-author you are investing in the process, the experience, the final product (your book being done as promised!)  and the convenience of a hands-free publishing alternative. Additionally, you do have the opportunity to utilize methods (coached and taught inside the program) for creating a revenue stream to make back your investment, or make it back and then continue to build on it, but each author is responsible for deciding to create a revenue stream if they choose to. 

Can I make money if I become an author this way?
Yes, you can - but generating revenue is up to each author individually. The more effort you put in, the more of a reward you will reap - just like anything else in life! We will help guide and organize your pre-order campaign, where co-authors can pre-sell their own book to their own network and make a 50% profit margin on the sale of their book (and 100% profit margin on the sale of the e-book version).

All co-authors can purchase copies of their book at wholesale cost at ANY TIME once the book has been completed, and execute a targeted sales campaign at any time. Co-authors do not receive revenue from book sales on Amazon for many reasons. Splitting royalties between 15+ authors is not as lucrative for each individual author as it is when authors manage their own sales. Amazon sales cannot be tracked, so it is impossible to give higher percentages of royalty to those who promote the book more than others. Amazon itself does not allow for royalties to go to more than one author. After running co-author projects with more than 400 authors, and offering Amazon royalty splits for several projects, LeadHer Publishing has determined that an author's efforts are much better utilized generating revenue by selling books directly to their audience, not directing people to Amazon. 

Authors are welcome to manage their own book sales, or alternatively, opt out of selling books altogether; it is never a mandatory aspect of the experience and selling (or not) is always her prerogative.

More questions?
Check out this video from LeadHer Publishing CEO, Courtney St Croix.