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This Project Is For YOU

You... the badass b*tch who has been developing her mindset.

You... the strong, powerful woman who knows she is here to serve.
You... the bold, unapologetic leadHer who is ready to be part of something massive.
You... the woman who is ready to do this big thing TOGETHER with a group of other badass b*tches. 
This project is for YOU. For us. For her... the woman who needs to hear what you have to say and who is waiting in anticipation to hold this book in her hands.
She needs us to step up.
So, let's do this.

What We Do Together

Your investment covers the entire experience of writing and publishing.
However, your only real commitments are as follows:
1. Write your chapter. (You will receive loads of support and guidance.)
2. Be present and invested in the group. Keep up with new information and aim to be live on calls/trainings (or catch up as soon as you can!)

Publishing has a lot of costs, in addition to the coaching, training, and development that will be delivered by Andrea and Courtney on a regular basis.
Once your chapter is submitted, everything required for publishing is taken care of. Editing, development, interior design and layout, cover design, ISBN acquisition, Amazon and third-party registration, marketing and promotional graphics and other assets, and anything else required through the process.

So, yes. It is an investment to participate.
LeadHer Publishing is working on our 7th Co-Author project and we're confident this experience will be as transformative and impactful as it is fun and engaging.
We're about to do big things together.

We can't wait to get started!

Please Review Terms/Conditions

By registering at the links above, you agree to the terms and conditions of the co-author process.

Ready to be an author this year!?
-Courtney & Andrea