#momfidentaf Self-Love Journal

Yes I Can, #WatchMe


This journal is a 90-day space to build a strong habit of self-love. It asks you to respond to daily prompts centred around gratitude, affirmations, movement, body image, and more. The journal is designed for the newbie writer and includes notes pages and a "tone setter" for each day. Ideal for new moms learning to regain confidence after postpartum changes, the #momfidentaf Self-Love Journal is a beautiful addition to any daily routine.

Courtney St Croix

A sequel to the self-love journal for moms, Yes I Can, #WatchMe is designed for girls aged 7-14 to learn to practice self-love at the exact point where body image and self-esteem begins to drastically plummet. This journal includes daily pages teaching girls about gratitude, affirmations, strength, movement, and self-love, and also includes 12 weekly mindfulness challenges that serve as weekly recaps to ground and release negative emotions.

Courtney St Croix


KeepFit Women Workout Tracker

Jeenie Brasseur

Track your workouts in one place! The KeepFit Women Workout Tracker is designed for you to track your consistency, weight, reps, sets, and things like water intake and positive mental space. Created by Jeenie Brasseur, CEO of Canadian Women's Fitness Brand KeepFit Women, this journal is a handy sidekick to each of your workouts.


KeepFit Women FitMindset

Jeenie Brasseur

If you're keen for personal development, the Fit Mindset Journal is an excellent space to collect all your learnings. Listening to a podcast? Taking a course? Watching a powerful Ted Talk? Take notes and organize your inspiration source by noting what you've learned and where it came from inside the Fit Mindset journal.



Courtney St Croix

MOMFIDENT AS F*CK will help you go from "meh" to "MOMFIDENT" by learning tools and strategies you can implement to build a more confident mom-life. Learn how to embrace your body, make firm decisions, set and enforce boundaries and generally gain confidence as a woman and mom in a world that constantly tells us to doubt ourselves.


Self-Love Club, Volume 1

Courtney St Croix & The Co-Author Team

Self-Love Club Volume 1 is a compilation of stories from 20 diverse women who have forged their own path from self-loathe to self-love. Dealing with topics that include anxiety, postpartum depression, alcoholism, infertility, grief, loss, and body image, the women in this collaborative book share how they inched their way up the self-love scale, one day at a time.


Self-Love Club, Volume 2


It's Time For Jesus

Courtney St Croix & The Co-Author Team

A continuation of the overarching theme of Self-Love, 20 brand new authors combine in Self-Love Club Volume 2 to discuss their powerful journeys to a more confident, self-accepting version of themselves. Take the lessons learned through each of the contributing authors and apply them to your own life's work learning to accept and embrace yourself, exactly as you are.

Jeanette Tapley

Do you ever feel like you are alone? That God is so big and so far away? Do you feel like to follow God or God’s will for your life you have to change everything about yourself? My hope for you through this book, and our 30 days together, you will finish it with a deeper friendship with God. That you will see Him as someone that cares and loves you deeply as well as the creator of the Universe. My hope for our time together is that you will use this book to learn, pray, and journal. 

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5 Lessons Learned Through Motherhood


Gratitude for Manifestation


Courtney St Croix & The Co-Author Team

5 Lessons Learned Through Motherhood is a collaborative book project from women sharing their top 5 takeaways through their parenting journey (so far). We enter into the motherhood world under the assumption that we'll be teaching our littles how to be good, functioning humans in this world. What we don't often realize, is just how much they teach US through the process.

Kathleen Cameron & Andrea Cox

Gratitude For Manifestation is a journal designed to help you fully understand the manifestation process and become the master of your life through the use of gratitude. Most people manifest things in their lives subconsciously, never truly uncovering the power and magic of their own minds. Use this 6-month journal to set big goals and bring them to fruition using simple, proven strategies for attracting big things.


Live The Life You Imagined

Grace Valentini

Your mind doesn't know the difference between something you accomplished in the past, present, or future. If you can manipulate your imagination to create the life that exists there, why wouldn't you!? This is a 31-day gratitude journal designed to help you visualize and attract the life you imagine for yourself.