Do you have a manuscript, journal or other project you want to publish? Have you completed your project but feel stuck not knowing HOW THE EFF to actually get it published? Do you enjoy writing and creating but don't mesh with the technical details? Do you have the story or project, but don't know where to find the experts to edit, layout, structure, and design the finished product?

Girl, I can help you!


As a passionate female-focused publisher, I want your work to be seen! Don't let "I don't know how" be a reason to stop you from going after what you want! 

The benefits of authoring your work are countless. You increase both your impact and your income when you self-publish, and get the added bonus of a much better royalty payment structure with Amazon than you would with a traditional publishing house. Not to mention, it's hella hard to get a publishing company to sign you unless you're already "well-established."

I don't believe you have to be "well-established" in order to have an incredibly valuable voice. (Do you?! Didn't think so!)

When you work with me as your publisher, you work with ME! I get to know you, what your goals are for the project, your style and hopes for how the product should look, and take care of the boring behind-the-scenes stuff of self-publishing. 

When you solo-author, your project is set up in Amazon for recurring revenue that will literally impact your revenue goals FOREVER!

I help you get it finished and on Amazon. You tell your community about it and watch your impact (and your bank account) shift into high-gear! 



Q: How long does it take to publish my project?

A: This will depend on whether you're coming to me with completed content or not. If your work is completed (meaning, your manuscript is finished and we can go right into editing and designing) the publishing process will take between 3-4 months on average. Publishing times will vary and it is a good idea to create some build-up and hype around your project leading up to the launch date, so you don't want to just drop your book tomorrow without having informed your audience! 

Q: What's the cost? 


The cost will depend largely on word count of your project, because the bulk of the work on any book is in the editing and layout. If you have a journal project with a 5000 word intro section, it will be less of an investment than if your project is a 100,000 word novel. 

All packages come with a pay-in-full or payment plan options. 

To self-publish any project it will generally be an investment in YOU and your credibility, future, career goals and into an ongoing income stream. 

Generally projects will be between $3000-$5000, paid in full or paid over 4-6 months. 






Q: What does the investment cover?

A: We get your book published! It'll be on Amazon shelves 4-6 months after we receive your manuscript! You write your story. Then we take care of:

-Draft editing
-Final editing
-Book cover design
-Book layout and formatting
-Support and guidance the entire way
-3 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions during the process
-Account Creation + Uploading to Amazon

You also get a publishing team that cares about YOU and your success; you will not be lost among the crowd or forgotten about!

A platform to share your story, without having to learn all the boring, messy, complicated back-end "stuff" that goes into the publishing process, like editing, design, layouts, ISBNs, and getting it on amazon shelves. 

Gone are the days where you need to endlessly pitch for SOMEONE ELSE to choose you in order to accomplish your dream. 

CHOOSE YOURSELF. PICK YOURSELF. RAISE YOUR HAND. You can do this, and I want to empower you to follow through.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, fill in the contact form  below and I will contact you to further discuss your project goals and current progress. 

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