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Change happens regardless; evolution is a conscious choice. Personal development is easily absorbed, but not always executed.

Most of us resist change, and keep ourselves small by staying inside a comfortable bubble of carefully vetted experiences.

Most of us resist evolving because of specific change blocks:

Fear of losing people.
Fear of judgement from others.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of failure. 
Fear of detachment from a title.

In EVOLVE, we're going to look at how far we've come, assess our own personal blocks and create a path to level the f*ck up.

7 days.
3 Live Modules.
Homework/journalling prompts.
Small group energy.

Let's LeadHer... to the next level.

Investment: $111

We start February 10.



(Note: Your request will be pending until February 10 when the first training begins).