Wanna learn how you can love yourself, exactly as you are,

Right now?

Confidence isn't reserved for anyone. It's available to YOU and it's possible to achieve even without a perfect body, life or circumstances.

I'll show you how.

I help you makeover your mindset so you can quit restricting your life, trying to fit into society's unrealistic standards, comparing yourself to others and feeling unhappy in your own skin.

MOMFIDENT AF Mindset Mastermind 
is a small-group Mindset-Makeover Program designed to help you release your personal judgements, let go of the need to be 
"perfect", and learn how to embrace your body and your self RIGHT NOW... not wait until you "fix yourself" to be happy.

This intimate small group coaching experience is only offered a few months of the year and includes initial 1:1 guidance and support from your Mindset Coach Courtney (AKA @MomfidentAF), and five weekly group coaching calls where curriculum is presented, discussed, and then action items are assigned for the upcoming week.

The MOMFIDENT AF Mindset Mastermind program will help you kick your negative self-talk to the curb, override your limiting beliefs, improve your relationship with yourself and others, and become the most confident version of yourself, in body and mind. 

Identify your limiting beliefs, reprogram your negative self-talk, accept your #MomBod and become more mindful and present.


Sort out your unhealthy behaviours, learn to replace them with good habits, and find a movement program you LOVE.


Find your #Tribe, learn the squad mentality, and develop social behaviours that will impact your confidence game.


Put into practice tried and true methods for a strong mindset, a confident AF life, and accepting your #MomBod


1:1 Initial Intake Call with Courtney

5x Live Group Coaching Calls

Curated Module-Style Curriculum

Weekly Assigned Action Items

Private Community Access (Network With Fellow Students!)

Fitness and Lifestyle Guidance

Resources, Recommendations, Tasks and Activities for Each Module

Exclusive Printable Program Worksheets

Goal Setting and Action Planning for Month 2 + Beyond

Unlimited Coach Access via E-mail

What's included

Who is this for?

This program is for you if...


You're a woman who has a history of body-image issues and/or negative self-image

You've tried nearly every diet and workout program on the planet and can't seem to find fulfillment with your body

You struggle with confidence and wonder how some seem to "have it" while others seem destined for insecurity

You judge yourself hard and struggle to be happy with what you see in the mirror

You feel pressure to workout and "eat healthy" largely due to the "need" to lose weight

You feel like you should always be on a diet and often think about how you're going to "start on Monday"

You don't enjoy how your clothes look, fit, feel, and can't fathom accepting your body unless you change it in some way

You're a new mom who is struggling with your postpartum body image and don't know how you're supposed to love the new body you're in

You often pinch, poke, prod and criticize your flaws and imperfections, wishing things were different

You love the idea of living a healthy lifestyle and secretly loathe those who have idealistic "perfect" body types

You feel like you can only be truly confident when _________ happens


Girl, I used to be all of these things. With consistent mindset work, regular practice, and sticking to the strategies I will teach you in this mastermind, you can change the way you feel about yourself, your body, and how confident you are in your own skin.

Let's do this. 


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