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Why does this book have so many authors?
Momming Hard is a collaborative book project authored by 24 individual writers and produced by LeadHer Publishing. This means, there are perspectives from unique and varied women, sharing their personal experiences and stories with raw vulnerability. These are real people, sharing their real experiences, and it has the ability to connect with you on such a deep level because you will see yourself in their voices.

There is something magical about women linking arms and tackling big goals. Momming Hard is a beautiful compilation and one that includes something for everyone on their own motherhood journey. It's about finding beauty in, and normalizing conversations about the hard pieces of motherhood that aren't talked about as often as the shiny ones.


What is a "pre-order" and why should I purchase in advance?
The pre-order campaign supports your local author team DIRECTLY. While Amazon and other online platforms are a convenient way to purchase books, with a collaborative author book, authors don't directly benefit from the book being sold on Amazon. With a pre-order campaign, you are investing directly in one of the authors who has shared her story inside these pages. Your pre-ordered copy will be sent to you with love, signed by the author, and comes with a free e-book version that you'll get on the day the book goes live on online platforms. You get your copy IN ADVANCE, getting early access to the work before it's available elsewhere, and you get to support the incredible people who have put their heart and soul into this book designed to HELP OTHERS.


Who is this book for?
Motherhood is a blissful, exhilarating, and rewarding journey full of first experiences and joyful moments. But just as the stars cannot shine without darkness, all journeys include contrast, and motherhood is no exception. MOMMING HARD is an anthology of personal stories shining a light on the darker spaces in motherhood. It serves to normalize conversations about the hard things, the challenging things, the things that aren't talked about as casually and openly as the wins, the successes, and the picture-perfect family photos posted on Facebook.

MOMMING HARD is the real life behind-the-scenes of the family photoshoot, the things that aren't captured in the frame; the kids fighting, the baby wailing, someone slipping in the mud, and justifying why you've even bothered to plan this event because... you know the end result will always be worth it. Motherhood is full of highs and lows, ups and downs, and a tangible representation of every possible emotion on the scale. MOMMING HARD will help you to feel normal about your struggles, your difficult emotions, and will help you to release the need to make everything appear picture perfect. It's not, and it's okay.


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