2 tips for healthy mindset shifts

HALLOO online-bff! Thanks for popping in! Today I want to give you two quick strategies for adjusting your mindset. They're techniques I use all the time and they centre around two concepts you probably already know (and maybe just don't acknowledge well enough). What I'm talking about is: Perspective


If either of these things are negatively impacted, littered with judgment or preconceived opinions, or have to do with a person or situation that was previously unfavourable, chances are they will be influenced by your current or future experiences. The cool thing is, though, is that you have control over both of these things. You get to *choose* your perspective, always. And, you get to choose what kind of assumptions you make about people, always. There's a famous quote that I feel a bit cliche for referring to, but it's hella true and will never stop being so:

#accurate That Wayne, so full of wisdom. Anyway, assuming is one of the biggest traps you can call into that typically leaves you feeling negative-type emotions like frustration, resentment, and anger. Totally low vibe, and I don't want that for you! Remember whenever something "happens", or someone "does something" that you don't agree with, there's *ALWAYS* another side to the story, and there's *ALWAYS* another perspective you can inquire about. I lived for YEARS letting my assumptions rule how I viewed things, and it wasn't until I matured and realized that everybody else is going through their own shit that I don't have a CLUE about, that I thought maybe I should start giving people the benefit of the doubt. Brene Brown talks about this kinda thing a lot; something like "always assume that other people are doing their best" - and most people are. Sometimes human behave in weird ways, but it's usually because their motivations are coming from a different place. If you want to hear more about this topic, check out Episode 103 of The Momfidence Podcast where I share an example that will really put this concept into perspective for you. Hey, hey, HEY now, don't assume anything until you listen ;) ONE LOVE BABE, XO Courtney

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