5 ways to become #Momfident AF

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Have you heard of this term yet? Momfident? Momfidence? (I’m really asking. I don’t know if I made it up or not? I’m pretty sure I’m the only person using the hashtag… But I can’t be the one who invented it?!)

Well anyway, the whole concept of “Momfidence” is to help inspire YOU to be more confident with yourself as a mom, as a woman, with your body, with your self, with your whole entire incredible being. (Too much? I believe in the universe and moon phases and star signs and crystal healing and all that stuff so, sometimes my verbiage is a bit out there. Get comfy.)

Well listen, ladies, as you might have read in some of my other blog posts, confidence is not reserved only for specific people. Everybody is entitled to it, everybody deserves it, everybody should feel it.

Maybe it’s specifically after having children; maybe it’s been something you’ve had on your mind pre- and post- babes.

But anyway, when you feel all of those things strongly, you’re in a state of being that’s what I like to call… #MomfidentAF.

You don’t care what google says. You wear your clothes with pride, even if you’re 2 sizes bigger and 20 pounds heavier than what you’d previously declare your “goal weight”. You go in public looking gorgeous, AND looking like a hot mess, and you enjoy both equally.

You’re done worrying about every tiny stage of child development; you aren’t asking for advice in the mom groups from other new moms who you barely know and who barely know anything either. (We’re all really just guessing as we go, aren’t we? C’mon.)

You have a strong #momsupport system and reach out to those gals when shit gets real. (Even a little too real… like real-LY a lot of shit up your kid’s back and down their leg. FACK!)

You workout, you feed your body with good, real, and nutritious food as often as possible, but you don’t deprive yourself, you eat pizza or ice cream or cupcakes or chips or whatever your jam is, and you don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout. Or a week of working out. Or your only workout for the past month has been chasing your toddler back and forth into the bathroom as they potty train.

The point is, you try your best. That’s the best you can do. Sometimes, you have other priorities that lead you astray. Some of you are working moms. Some of you are stay-at-home moms. Some of you are pregnant moms. Some of you might not even be moms at all, but just want to be #ConfidentAF so you’re following along, too. (Thanks pal. You’re my favourite!)

I’ve come up with 5 of my best tips for improving your mom-confidence (#momfidence, obvs.)

These tips and suggestions are just from me personally as I’ve travelled along my own #momfident journey, and I’m not finished yet. I just know that sometimes, you need a little boost and reminder from a friend to help you skip along your merry way.

(Hi, friend. *waves*… *smiles awkwardly* … *readjusts high-waisted lulus*.)

Fill in your deets below and I’ll email ya my entire e-Book full of advice, tips, suggestions and mindset shifts.

IT’S REALLY COOL! Pinky swear! Well, at least I think so… but if YOU don’t think you’re cool, who else will right? RIGHT.

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