At-Home Fitness for Moms

Listen, girlfriend. I know how hard it is to create (and stick to!) a fitness program! Especially when you're a multi-tasking mama who may have several kiddos and multiple responsibilities circling you at all times! #momlife As a fitness coach and leader who spent 15 years working in a corporate gym setting, I'm telling you - if I can be converted from a gym-goer to an at-home workout lover, YOU CAN TOO. *I'd also like to mention that I am a very different "fitness coach" because when I work with my clients, our #1 priority is NEH-VER external body change. While there's nothing wrong with "transformation", or the desire to make changes that could impact your external body, I work with my clients to determine how to live a healthy, sustainable fit lifestyle, which includes building a fit MIND, BEFORE you build a fit BODY.

👉🏼If you want to get a feel for how I coach and what my #MEMBERFIT program with KeepFit Women is all about, you can access some free workout videos HERE and see if you're down with my style! For now, I'm gonna go ahead and give you some at-home workout tips that will help you focus on creating a HABIT with CONSISTENCY - the two most important aspects to creating a fit lifestyle that sticks! (Also, there's a free little stairs workout at the bottom of this post, so, feel free to use that too!) HOW TO CREATE AN AT-HOME WORKOUT ROUTINE

✨Create a workout space. IMO, you need at least 2 sets of dumbbells and maybe a resistance band and a yoga mat (if your space has a hard floor). Other than that, you can just use your body weight along with some loud music to keep you motivated! I personally have a set of 10 pound dumbbells, and a set of 15 pound dumbbells. If I were going to upgrade my set I'd get a set of 12.5 pounds and a set of 17.5 pounds. ✨Create a "cross-off-able" workout schedule. In #MEMBERFIT, we post workout schedules every month and print them off to post in our workout spaces. Having a tangible, physical "check off" piece of your workout helps keep you accountable to your workouts. I post mine at the start of every month and LOVE crossing off when I've accomplished one of my 3 workouts every week. IT FEELS SO GOOD! You can create your own simply by writing out the weeks and number of workouts you'd like to do. ✨Set a small goal at first. Starting (or re-starting) a fitness "plan" is difficult. Motivation can come in waves, but you can't have control over that. What you CAN control, is your consistent effort. Start with a small goal of executing a 15 minute workout 3 times per week. At first, pick a time of day when you can accomplish this regularly. Eventually, you can get more lax with when you move your body, but at the beginning, creating a habit is the most essential part. When can you have 15 minutes to move? During naptime? First thing in the morning? After breakfast? At 8:30pm after the kids are in bed? Pick a time and stick to it for at least 4-6 weeks to establish the pattern. ✨Don't go too hard, too fast. Not only can this create the physical barrier of being too sore to execute your consistency plan, but by overwhelming yourself, you set the wrong expectation for your brain. If you go hard out of the gates, declaring you'll do a 90 minute workout 6 days per week in order to whip this #mombod into shape... chances are you'll start the first few days well, and then find it's difficult to maintain and give up. (🙋🏼‍♀️Speaking from experience here, #nojudgement !) The first 4-6 weeks are about setting achievable, reachable goals. That helps create the habit, and also builds your confidence around execution. ✨Make movement a priority. Even when I can't manage to get a full "workout" in, I'm aiming to move my body in some way every day. That may mean loud music and dancing while I'm cooking dinner, walking to pickup my kiddo from school, having a family walk after dinner, or volunteering to walk the dog at 9pm (a task that's usually reserved for my husband.) Think about ways to move your body MORE, even if you don't necessarily get your FULL FLEDGED "workout" in. It might not happen EVERY day. That's okay! If you can start implementing the above, it will be a fricken LOT easier to move forward with your fitness goals. Even though I'm NEVER pushing weight loss or body changes to my community, I AM always a promoter of fitness because even if your body doesn't ever change from your efforts, fitness, nutrition, and healthy living are not only important but essential to EVERY body, at EVERY size. For even more freebies, recipes, and goodies, you can check out !

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