How To Get Published On #Amazon

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

OOH girl. I see you, reeling with ideas for a book you'll write "someday". Coming up with chapter titles. Brainstorming topics. Writing post-it notes, or maybe, adding to a never-ending "book stuff" note on on your iPhone. I've been there. I've been the one thinking, quietly, "I really want to be an author one day", but then silently waving goodbye to the thought because...

HOW ON EARTH IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN? I mean, haven't you seen all the movies and TV shows that portray what it's like to work in the publishing industry? Haven't you seen how hard it is to even find a literary agent? Write a book proposal? Pitch publishing houses? THAT SHIT IS CRAZY. But you know what? Things have changed. You don't have to sit back and *wait* for someone else to *pick* you. You don't need to be approved by someone else. You don't need to pitch people. You can JUST DO THE DAMN THING. Technology really has made our world exceptionally different than it was even ten years ago. I've wanted to be an author my entire life; I've been a writer for as long as I can remember, but after hearing time and time again that pursuing authorship is a waste of time, that I'll never get an agent, let alone be "big" enough to be signed by a major publishing house... I thought it wouldn't happen for me. And then, one day, I decided to say "f*ck this shit" and created the path for myself, instead of telling myself it wasn't in the cards for me. Self-publishing is a real and rewarding alternative to traditional publishing, and it's allowing for women like YOU to pick your own damn self and just GO FOR IT. Yes, it is a time commitment. You need to write your manuscript. Yes, it is a financial commitment. You need to fund your own project. Yes, there are a lot of steps involved. You need to figure it all out on your own. (Well, maybe not all on your own. You can join SELF-PUBLISHED + PROFITABLE and I'll take all the guesswork away for you... that will save you time and money right off the top. It's the only course you need to take you from idea to #amazon, I promise! 👉🏼 Find out more HERE.) Yes, it looks a little different than traditional publishing, but it's legit. It's real, and you deserve to PICK YOURSELF in this world.

So? Here's a basic rundown of how to get published on #amazon: **SECRET STEP 0: GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! If you don't believe you can do this, if you think you don't have time to write a book, if you are telling yourself you're a "nobody" or that "no one" will buy/read your book... it's time to get through that mindset work REAL QUICK. Snag my SELF-PUBLISHING TOOL-KIT to get your head in the right place. Then... Step 1: You gotta write your book, girl! That's the most important step, right there! Step 2: Find an editor. A good one, who has a fair price. #SupportLocal, if you can! Step 3: Have your book laid out for you. An "interior designer" for your book, so to speak. Step 4: Hire a graphic designer to create your cover, specifically for Amazon. Step 5: Create an account on Amazon KDP. Step 6: Upload your manuscript and cover design. Step 7: Assign your ISBN. Step 8: Submit for publishing Step 9: ALERT THE MASSES! START THE CAR!!! Step 10: Launch your book! That seems pretty simple, right? It isn't HARD. It's just a PROCESS. Each step takes time, and this could be something you're working on for 6-12 months. Good things come to those who wait. Er, those who work hard in small increments and get their book done over a reasonable timeframe. 😎 So, I can help you do this - if you want help along the way. But honestly, YOU CAN DO THIS! Trust me. I promise. Join my FREE Self-Publish Society HERE and get more insight on the self-publishing process, and when the time is right, let's DO THIS THANG! 👊🏼

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