How to set and crush your goals

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Hey babe, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've just been working hard on crushin' goals over here. You?

Yeah, I haven't been blogging all that much. Know why? PODCASTING!!! I have fallen in love with podcasting. The response to this medium has been CRAZY and I have truly found a passion I did not know existed.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, come listen to the show HERE!)

The point of this post isn't really to tell you about the podcast, but to tell you about why it's important to have goals. Because, I had the idea to start a podcast months and months (actually, over a year!) before I actually did it. And if I didn't do the following two things, it probably never would have became anything but an idea that I kept telling myself was impossible.

So what two things? 1. Writing down my goal 2. Telling someone

Now, I'm no goal expert (though my friend Kari from Goals and Grapes sure is, if you're interested in learning more about how to crush yours!) but I do know that these two things were integral for getting my BIG SCARY GOAL (starting a podcast) off the ground.

First of all, if it's written, it's real. So when I first had the idea for taking on this project, I wrote it down in my journal, and then I spent some focused energy brainstorming what I wanted my show to be about. I knew I wanted it to cater to women and moms, and I also knew I wanted to collaborate with other women and have guest interviews with experts in complimentary fields.

So I wrote it out. All my ideas, even if they aren't the direction I'm going now. I just wrote it all down. Doing this in a notebook, or a whiteboard, or wherever you want to get your ideas down... it's a very important step.

Second, once you've written the idea down, it's a good idea to find an accountability partner. Well, "partner" may not be the best word, but someone who is supportive of your ideas and would be a good person to listen to what you have to say, and share their feedback. Someone who is non-judgemental, and even if they don't necessarily agree or understand your idea, they'll still entertain the thought and give you their respectful opinion.

My person was (/is) my sister. Considering the project in question was an audio show, I did the only thing I knew how to do: used my iPhone to take an audio recording. I recorded myself with my iPhone voice notes app, talking about a random topic. For about 8 minutes. Then I sent it to  my sister via text message and said... "Hey Chel, I think I want to start a podcast, can you listen to this and tell me what you think? Thanks. Love you. Bye"*

*May or may not be exact verbiage 

And she did what any good "person" would do; she listened, she gave me her thoughts, she supported and encouraged me, and she told me to go for it, even though she didn't have any invested interest in the project, or know/listen to podcasts at that time anyway. She was encouraging AF.

And then, I mulled over the idea and never did anything with it. For months. For over a year, actually.

So I guess there's really a third *BONUS* step, and that's to watch for the right timing. It's all about timing. In between the initial goal-sharing and the actual podcast launch, I came across a local business coach who I met first online, and then when we realized we were both local, we met in person over coffee to network and discuss our industries. (If you ever want to have a similar chat, I highly recommend this gal. Her name is Kristine Carr and if you're a woman in the wellness industry, she would be an incredible biz coach for you!)

Anyway, Kristine was the catalyst that helped me understand what I needed to do next. I met her in person, and she was the first real life human I knew who had started her own podcast. And she asked if I would be a guest on it. (!!!)

Obviously I agreed, and the process of being a guest on another show was the fuel I needed to start digging and find out the technical aspect of what it would take to start my own show. If I didn't experience Kristine in action, tackling this goal that I thought was so difficult, I would probably still be sitting here scratching my head, wondering how you even get your voice recorded into an mp4, let alone published to iTunes.

(Thanks, Kiki!)

(Another cool thing? You might just wind up being the timing catalyst for someone else, if you listen to their ideas! It's all relative, baby!)

SO. If there's something big and scary you want to accomplish, my advice to you would be: first, write it down. Then, tell someone about it. (...and then you may need to wait for the timing of the universe,  but if you do those first two things, at least your little idea will have a fighting chance!)

Okay so, I'm not as bloggy lately - but I'm chattin' it up TWICE every week, over on The Momfidence Podcast. New episodes drop Mondays and Fridays. Come find me on iTunes, or  Spotify . Plug it in for your daily commute, hike, or while you're cleaning the house or washing the dishes.

We're talking about all kinds of strategies relevant to building your mom-confidence, and I would love your feedback!

Happy goal setting, babe! XO


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