How to Look Good in a Bathing Suit

It's March. Are you thinking about "swimsuit season"? Maybe not. At this moment in time (March 28, 2020, FYR), the Covid-19 pandemic is running rampant all over the world. Maybe your absolute last priority is thinking about wearing a swimsuit in a few months. And you know what? F*CKING GOOD. Breathe that in, for a moment. With all the crazy shit going on in the world, and your number one priorities being most likely a) staying home, b) staying healthy, c) washing your hands and d) figuring out WTF to do to occupy your kids on what feels like day 3745 of self-isolation... what you might look like in a bathing suit is probably not of the utmost concern. Feel how that feels. Not giving a shit about what you may look like in a bathing suit. Not caring about how many pounds or dress sizes you can lose before the 4th of July. Not worrying about how your stomach looks beside someone else in the group photo at Brittany's cottage bachelorette extravaganza. None of these things should be priorities ANY time of our lives, but right now they are ESPECIALLY irrelevant. And I'd like to suggest that they STAY irrelevant after all this Covid shit has simmered down. As women, we spend WAY too much time critiquing our own bodies. Comparing ourselves to others; wishing we had different traits and qualities, and silently loathing our appearance no matter what we look like. We're regularly googling how to lose weight, get "fit", shape up, slim down, and things like "how to look good in a bathing suit". (Case in point, if you arrived here, you probably googled "how to look good in a bathing suit", no?) THIS SHIT IS NOT IMPORTANT! Moving your body? Yes. Important. Every week sister. Eating high quality, unprocessed foods? Important. Daily. Drinking enough water? Important. Daily. Stretching? Meditating? Getting a good amount of sleep? IMPORTANT. But your body and my body will look MOTHER F*CKING DIFFERENT even if we followed the exact same movement and diet "plan" for months on end. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. We can even wear the same bathing suit, and someone will be big vs. small. Someone will be large vs. petite. Someone will think she looks better or worse than someone else. The good news, it's just female nature to compare and critique. As I point out in Episode 80 of The Momfidence Podcast, comparison is NOT the issue. (If that doesn't seem accurate, you need to listen to the episode and I PROMISE, your mind will be blown!) The even better news is, you can choose to stop that internal monologue, and create a new one. Yes Jessica, you can. STOP LOOKIN' AT ERYBODY ELSE! Stop allowing your personal evaluation of your comparison to others affect how you feel about your body! HOW TO LOOK GOOD IN A BATHING SUIT:

1. Shop for a bathing suit that's THE CORRECT SIZE FOR YOU. *Tip - size UP so that shit isn't digging in everywhere. I do this often and get an XXL instead of my typical XL size, or a 16 instead of a 14. 2. Put the bathing suit on. 3. Stop being a goddamn judge-y betch to yourself, look in the mirror, and give yourself a spicy compliment. VOILA! You look good in a bathing suit.

Now stop googling how to change your body and just rock the shit out of whatever you've got. That confidence is STRIKING. P.S., you might also like Episode 67 (How To Rock The Shit Out Of Your Body), Episode 19 (How To Rock Your Bikini Bod Like Nobody's Business) YOU'RE WELCOME.


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