How To Lose The "Mom Pooch"

As a fitness and confidence coach, I literally get asked this question 187 times a day. (Well, I guess not that many times a day. But often enough 🤣) "How do I get rid of my belly fat?" This is a more complicated question than you might think. Partially, because there isn't really any possible way to "spot train" a specific part of your body. Sorry, mama. And secondly, I feel the need to talk this out with my clients to determine WHY it's so important to them to lose the infamous "mom pooch" that often sticks around after you've had a baby. What is this obsession with a perfectly flat stomach? I remember always worrying about it as a teen and young adult; spending waaay too much time standing in front of the mirror, agonizing over my stomach and if it might look like it was "protruding" out when I turned to the side. As a new mom, most of my weight started coming off, except my newly acquired "mom pooch". And of course, I stressed over it. What if someone notices? What if someone thinks I "got fat"? What if someone thinks I'm still pregnant? Here's the major mindset shift I had to make. Are you ready? It's good.

WHO THE F*CK CARES!? SO WHAT if you're at the grocery store and someone YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW thinks you might be pregnant? SO WHAT if your stomach isn't as flat as a (fake) image in a magazine? SO WHAT if there's a little extra fluff when you pull your bathing suit up over your hips? The main concern for me is if you are not following some kind of movement plan and/or are not eating nutritious, wholesome food as part of your healthy lifestyle. If you aren't, accumulated belly fat could potentially be damaging to your health, because your abdomen houses all those amazing internal organs and if you accumulate fat around your torso, it could put you at a higher risk for health concerns. HOWEVER - if you're regularly active, health-conscious, eat well, drink lots of water, and take care of your mental health as part of a whole-body health strategy, then a belly pooch is not something I would be concerned about. MOST of us are stressing huge over something that is not detrimental to our overall health, just how we feel our aesthetic *should* look. (And if you aren't doing the things I listed above, and you need some help with your health and fitness, or a refresh to get you back into a good place... know that I'm always here to help you with that - click here and get a few free video workouts sent to you to try!)

Honestly? It's more of a mindset shift that you need to get over. Maybe you and your belly pooch can become friends? What did she ever do to you, anyway?

Real talk? If you want to "shed" any kind of extra weight on your body, my best advice is for you to tackle a HIIT style protocol and you'll wind up (over time!) losing weight from everywhere, not just one specific part of your body. Ain't nobody need to have a perfectly flat stomach, and it's high time we let go of that 6-pack image we think we need to conform to in order to be "worthy". We don't. *For more on accepting your #mombod no matter what, check out Episode 61 of The Momfidence Podcast



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