Stop Setting SMART Goals And Start Doing THIS Instead

Today I want to explain what I'm doing in 2021 with my GOALS that is a bit different from the traditional goal-setting strategies I've used many times in the past. (FYI - there is a really great free resource I've created for you to go along with this information - It's my 2021 Goal Planning Workbook and you can snag it at or right here 👇🏾)

I used to spend a lot of time setting really specific "SMART" goals, and usually what would happen is I would miss something about the goal and then be discouraged and forget about it altogether. I now prefer to plan different FOCUSES (that relate to goals I have) and then spend my time trying to hang out in that focus-zone so I can step closer and closer to the goals I have for myself without feeling discouraged that I didn't hit them by X date. Specifically in my corporate role, we'd spend a lot of time looking at specific numbers and hitting them by specific dates. That's a little too analytical for me. I'd rather select a few BIG things I want to accomplish, and then work on the FOCUS required to get me to hit those goals. There are always a ton of LITTLE goals on the way to hitting your BIG goals - so of course, decide what you want to achieve in a perfect world, and then decide where you'll FOCUS throughout the year in order to work towards them in small little steps.


So, first thing's first - you most definitely DO want to brainstorm some of the things you'd like to accomplish this year. Do you want to start a coaching group? Host a few workshops? Run a live event ( know, if COVID isn't still stopping us from doing that)? Write a book? Start a podcast? Create a YouTube show? Start by brainstorming some of your BIG goals. BUT, the major difference here is that you don't need to create "SMART" goals, nor are we going to put specific "by when" dates on things. We're PLANNING and creating an IDEAS list so that we're FOCUSED when we're working on things this year.

If you don't know that you want to start a podcast, how can you take the steps to start one? If you DO know you want to start a podcast, how do you determine when to launch it? How do you organize the steps required in order to start it? By PLANNING for goals instead of SETTING really specific ones, we also allow ourselves the flexibility of adapting to whatever circumstances come our way, or any mind-changing that may happen (because a woman, of course, is always allowed to change her mind). STEP 2: Generally, you're going to select ONE FOCUS PER QUARTER. I don't even really like calling them "goals" - just focuses. Because then, you get to have that ONE big focus drive all the work you're doing behind the scenes. And if it doesn't help you get closer to that focus? Stop wasting your time on it. Throughout the Goal Planning Workbook, you'll see that there's a spot for you to brainstorm and then a page for each quarter. You will pick your TOP 4 focuses, and then organize them based on the calendar year. Generally, I suggest you pick your quarterly focus and then have the 3rd month of each quarter be dedicated to any "launch" you might have, so that you can do the work required in order to execute said launch. For example, if you want to start a podcast in Quarter 1 - it doesn't make sense to have the launch of the show be in January. Rather, I'd suggest the launch for the show is in March (the 3rd month of the quarter) so that you have January and February to do all the prep work required prior to launching. It also gives you plenty of time to prep your audience for what's coming, so they know what to do when your launch comes. (Subscribe to the podcast, listen to the new episodes, share the show, buy the e-book, sign up for coaching, join the group, download the freebie, etc.) STEP 3: The third part to your goal PLANNING / FOCUSING for the year, is to set time in your schedule to actually REFLECT on what you've done and where you're going after each month has passed. At the end of January, you should re-consider what you're working on, where you're going, and if you actually took some good steps in the direction of your goals, or if you need to re-evaluate. You may also reflect and then decide you want to spend more time on something, change your focus for the next quarter, or do something completely different. You can certainly do that, but it'll be hard to see how far you've come if you aren't reflecting in some way after each month/quarter has passed. The idea here is to pick things you want to work on, and then specifically focus on action-producing activities that will enable you to get there. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish and be flexible in your approach. Set up clear objectives and then take little steps to move forward on them. Spend your time SLOWLY working on ONE BIG THING for 3 months at a time, instead of banging out something haphazardly and then wondering why nobody knew your podcast came out when it did. Download your free 2021 Goal Planning Workbook here:

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