The Easiest Way To Become An Author in 2021

Writing an entire book is hard. It's time consuming. It's an investment in not only money, but your valuable time and energy. And you probably aren't even sure where to begin when it comes to the self-publishing process. (Am I right?!) Many people have a goal of becoming an author "one day". If you're reading this, you're probably one of them. The thing is, technology has changed and adapted and now allows for us to go after things that were once reserved for famous celebrities, reality TV stars, or well-off individuals with the right connections who can afford to do whatever they want, including sign a publishing deal.

The old school, traditional style of publishing houses, literary agents, book proposals and rejections has stood in the way of many people's talented voices for decades, leaving us all to believe that we "can't" write a book because it just wasn't systemically possible. But that narrative has changed. Massively. You can now self-publish a book pretty easily if you damn well want to. You have to have a few things though, like: something to say, a plan for your manuscript, writing time (and lots of it!), at least a little bit of creative reserve for inspiration, and a budget of roughly $2000-$4000. Wait, what? I have to PAY? Out of pocket? Yes, you do. This is a common misconception about self-publishing, because with traditional publishing houses, the idea is that you'd likely get a book advance and be paid ahead of your book even coming out. Remember though, that that old, traditional way of publishing is not available to everybody and just because you think you'd make a good author, doesn't means someone will accept your proposal and publish you. It's hard to get signed by a traditional publishing house without some type of fame, an existing massive social audience, or some other type of big exposure (like, if you become famous because you were the star of a reality Netflix special.) But also traditionally, the publishing house takes a huge cut of your royalties after the book is published. We're pushing those old narratives aside, remember? If you want to hold your own book in your hands, a published, finished work designed to serve others and reach more people on an international platform... well there are pros and cons to everything. When you self-publish, you're investing in yourself. And, as the sole author, you receive a larger portion of the royalties, too. That means you're also the only one responsible for project management, finishing the damn thing, marketing and promoting your book, and pushing sales. Compare that to not having a book at all because nobody would approve your proposal. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I can tell you from my experience self-publishing 5 books on Amazon and facilitating 5 collaborative author projects with MOMFIDENT Media since 2019, that while self-publishing comes with an investment, it has many benefits as well. (I have listed them more thoroughly in this post, if you want to review them all!)

The fact that self-publishing became an option in the past decade allowed me to put my first project out into the world - the #MOMFIDENTAF Self Love Journal was my first work on Amazon and ignited a series of events that I know for certain would not have happened if I didn't take that first step. I went first, and the universe responded to me taking action. I've since grown my online presence massively, booked many speaking events, have gotten collaboration opportunities, have grown and scaled my business, have positioned myself as a leader and an expert in my industry, have generated more revenue from publishing over the past two years than my business made by itself in the first year, and have successfully created a truly passive income stream for myself. And all of it came from that first investment in myself, believing that I had what it took to publish my own work. Now, here's the thing. You may have an interest in writing a book one day, but do not have the time available to write an entire manuscript. Or, maybe your desire to write a book is often squashed by the fact that you "don't know what you'd even write about." Or, maybe financially you aren't at a place where you can haphazardly invest in something that doesn't necessarily guarantee results. For this reason, one of the major pillars of my business and MOMFIDENT Media is allowing women the creative space, platform, and opportunity to share their voice and their story without having to: a) find the time required to write an entire manuscript b) come up with content for an entire manuscript, and c) commit financially to upwards of $4000 to get your book to Amazon d) do it alone I created collaborative author (co-author) projects to help the woman who was like me - unsure of how to pursue her goal of becoming an author, but still fuelling a burning desire to become one no matter what. I decided I didn't want to wait for "someday" anymore. And you can decide that, too. With a MOMFIDENT Media Co-Author Project, you commit to writing one chapter in a collective book with multiple authors. The topic is picked for you, so you have a clear picture of what you're writing about going into it. Instead of writing 80,000 words, you're responsible for writing about 3000 words. And, all the publishing logistics are taken care of for you.

You are still investing in yourself, but at a fraction of the cost. You are still going through the process of becoming a published author, but you don't have to worry about the technical crap that often creates a roadblock for talented writers. You are still going to hold a book you contributed to, in your hands, in real life... and you get to do it with a group of like-minded women who support and encourage one another through the whole process. I organize 3-4 co-author projects each year, and you can apply to be part of an upcoming one at any time (just CLICK HERE to check out some more information!) You can also join my Momfident Insider list, so you can be sure to hear about upcoming launches and intake periods FIRST when a new co-author project is on the horizon. If becoming an author is something you've always wanted to do, a co-author project is like the perfect stepping stone project for you to go through the process, see how it feels, and decide if you want to pursue your own book in the future. You can do this! I'd love to do it with you. XO


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