Top Books for Self Love + Confidence

There's nothing better than sitting down with a hot coffee and a good book. I'm sure you agree with me (if you enjoy books, that is!) but if you're also a mom, I also know how hard it is to actually sit down and find the TIME to, you know, read a physical book! Yeah, me too. It is hard. One thing that's helped me to actually find the space to read, is squishing it into my morning routine. That's a topic for another post, but I do have this podcast episode (and as a follow up, this podcast episode) which both discuss morning routines and how to implement one (a kid-free one, that that) that will help set-up your day and pour into your damn self before you're expected to pour into everybody else.

BUT... your girl will ALWAYS be a fan of reading, personal development, and getting yo'self some of that precious alone time, so I would highly recommend finding space to dig into a book - whether that's paired with your morning routine, or is a "before bed" practice that will contribute to a healthy "before bed" routine. (Also, a post for another time!) If you're looking for some reading material that is beneficial not only for you to get that precious alone time, but also to help develop your own self-love, confidence, and perhaps even love for your (amazing) body, look no further! I've put together a comprehensive list of some of my all-time favourite self-love and confidence building books. (You're welcome 😎)

You could dig into any of these, and would already be on a path to bettering your self-love and confidence. Immediately. Like, right after you click "buy it now" on #Amazon. ( 🤣) Adding any of these to your collection is an amazing idea. I can promise you that! (And, as long as we're talking about books... my book MOMFIDENT AS F*CK would make an excellent bed-side companion, if I do say so myself. You can snag a copy on #Amazon - and you won't regret it!)

Happy reading! C

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