Top Confidence Tips for Moms

When you become a mom, things change. For realz. Not only every damn thing about your life as you know it, but your body and your mind go through massive changes too. And your vagina. That poor girl goes through a lot. 🤣

After leaving the hospital wearing an adult mesh diaper, feeling extremely under-qualified to manage the life of an entirely new human on this earth, and wondering how it's possible that you're allowed to take this little thing home... you probably spend the next few months asking yourself "what in the actual f*ck" more times that you can count. And then, you start pulling out your old pre-preggo clothing, and start to wonder to the heck you actually are now; your body is different, you aren't getting any sleep, your boobs constantly hurt, and you don't even know what day it is, let alone who you are anymore. Yeah. I know that feeling all too well. Motherhood not only creates an actual, physical new person, it ignites a new person inside of you. Er, it makes you forget about the old human you used to be, and often forces you to define yourself by your relationship to another person. If you didn't previously use "Hi, I'm Chris' wife, Courtney" to define yourself prior to having kids, I'm guessing you may now find yourself defining yourself by your relationship to your child, like "Presley's mom" as opposed to "Courtney". But that's not who you are. I mean, yeah, you are "__________'s mom", but first and foremost, you're YOU. We lose that a little bit, when we become moms.

We forget who we are. The only thing that's socially acceptable to want to "be" after having a baby, is probably the pressure to get your body "back" to how it "used to" look - but it seems like that's the only thing our society wants us to go back to. Go back to doing the things you like to do before having kids? Selfish. Want to *gasp* spend some time alone, like you used to enjoy before kids? Selfish. Daydream about how fun it'd be to go on a solo vacation for a weekend? Ugh, selfish. Want to go back to work? Selfish.

Want to start a business? Selfish. If you want to do anything other than a) parent your new child, and b) get your body back after baby, society likes to make you feel like it's wrong and you should feel guilty for it.

In my new book MOMFIDENT AS F*CK, I dig into all kinds of different themes and topics that help YOU learn how to learn into yourself, take time to appreciate who you are, and let go of the pressure to change in any way (unless you want to!) I help you understand why the desperate need to change or "fix" your body after babyis grossly over-valued in our culture, and I give you tangible tips for learning how to embrace yourself EXACTLY as you are, and go from feeling "meh" about yourself, to feeling your very own version of MOMFIDENT (AF). Snag your copy on #Amazon - and give yourself the gift of self-love YOU'RE ALLOWED TO WANT THAT!!!

Love you girl, XO Courtney

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