What does #MomfidentAF mean?

So what does “MomfidentAF” mean, anyway?


If you’re like most women, at some point in your life you’ve struggled with your overall confidence, be it body confidence, confidence in your parenting, confidence in your abilities, your mindset, your self-esteem & your amount of body love in general.

It’s unfortunate, and it’s not your fault. We’re constantly being told how thin and perfect we’re supposed to be, creating a feeling that we don’t measure up. I have struggled with all of these things. After I became a mom, for some reason it suddenly became difficult for me to stop thinking my worth and value were diminished to simply how my “post baby” body looked. All I could see was the different skin and extra pounds that were/are sticking around afterwards. And it made me sad.

So I decided that on my own quest to learn how to be unapologetically confident and happy in my own skin, exactly as I am right this second, no matter what size I am, no matter what time of year, no matter what I’m wearing or what time of the day it is… I would share any strategies, tips, techniques and takeaways I learn along the way, so that maybe someone else can begin to build their “Momfidence”, too. Fitness is a big part of my life, but I’m so done with living the kind of restricted life that provides me with a perfect-looking body. My body doesn’t fit being a “fitness expert” stereotype. Unless I restrict my food, never go out with friends, never have a drink, never have a slice of pizza, and workout for 2+ hours every day at the gym, (and have NO LIFE OR BALANCE), my body will not look like what society thinks of as a “fitness expert” body. That’s fine. I’ve been a fitness leader for 13 years, and I will continue to be one, despite not having a perfect body. The only way I have gotten to this place is by working on it from the inside out, not the other way ’round.

So girlfriend, my goal is always to get you, you bad-ass babe, #MOMFIDENTAF. To build your confidence, to curate your sense of self-acceptance, and to inspire you to look beyond the outside, and realize your incredible value and worth that’s so much more than just the exterior paint job.

And listen, “Momfidence” is a not a destination. Confidence doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, a journey, and a life-long practice. So I hope you’ll join me along this path. We can hold hands if you want. XO Courtney

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