Building an online biz is H A R D. (Girl, preach!)
There's a lot to know, learn, and invest in - and it's hard deciding what's worth your time, energy, and money.
But at the end of the day... you want to be both impactful, and profitable. I get it. You're running a business. Businesses and brands exist not only to help people, but to make money.

As a small business owner, I've built MOMFIDENT AF to be recognizable brand, a profitable online business, and I've leveraged my message on social media to start a podcast, write several books, build a website, run coaching programs, and then pivot and branch successfully into another industry: publishing. 

I am an expert at conducting online business audits and can assist you if you feel stuck, unsurure, or are just starting out and want some direction for H O W to create a recognizable brand that will become a profitable business. 

I can also help you with isolated projects, like next steps/tools/resources for how to start a podcast, write a book, build a website, come up with a clear offering structure, and how to best promote and market yourself on social media. 

One session may be enough for you. If you want more, individualized 1:1 strategy coaching can be arranged by request. 

Business Strategy Session

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