You're DESTINED to write your book.


Yup. I'm sure of it. You have what it takes. You're here, you're taking initiative.

And something made our paths cross. So I'm here to tell you:
YOU 👏🏼 CAN 👏🏿 DO 👏🏻 THIS! 👏🏽

The thing is... it's NOT THAT HARD to write a book!

It DOESN'T have to be difficult to get published on Amazon! (Pinky swear!) 

With the right support, guidance, planning, and initiative... you can do it too.


The ONLY difference between you and me, right this very moment... that I finished my manuscript. That's literally it.


So here's the beginning of your story.
(Pun intended 😎)


Get started with my Self-Publishing Tool-Kit, and you'll be WELL ON YOUR WAY to becoming a top rated, best-selling, PUBLISHED AMAZON AUTHOR.


  • INSTANT ACCESS: Get your tool-kit as an instant download!
  • 20+ PAGES OF CONTENT: Everything you need to get your headspace in the right place for self-publishing!
  • WORKSHEETS: Printable worksheets to help you plan and execute your self-publishing strategy!
  • ​EXPERT ADVICE: Hear from an Amazon Best Seller and get started on the right track! 
  • ​EDUCATION: Learn what it truly takes to GET YOURSELF PUBLISHED in today's world!
  • ​SUPPORT: Get instant access to the Self-Publish Society to get tips and training that will help you execute next steps!

Self-Publishing Tool-Kit

  • This guide/workbook is in PDF format.

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