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Hi. 👋🏼👋🏽👋🏿 I'm here to help!

 📈 I've self-published 8 books on #amazon. 🥇 I've collected #1 Best-Seller rankings in over 20 different categories since my first journal published in 2018. 📝 I've created a signature method for getting published and becoming a best-selling author.
It f*cking rocks.

I can help you become a Best-Selling Published Author in one of three ways. Just promise me one thing:


So like... what do you "do"?


Group "Co-Author" Projects

As a contributing writer in a Group Author Project, you, me + 19 other women (just like you!) come together to write individual chapters that are published together in one full book. It's the easiest, most fool-proof and cost-effective way to become an author. You literally just write your chapter and submit it by the project deadline. I take care of everything else. This is the perfect "toe-dipping" option for an aspiring author who wants to test out the waters. (No pressure to write your own book later, but be forewarned, you may want to after being a co-author 😉)

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DIY Your Own Book

My Self-Publishing Course is perfect for you if you have a book you want to write 🎵all by yourseeeeelllllfffff🎵 (...whether it's just an idea, fully written, or somewhere in-between.) With my course, you get lifetime access to 9 modules that will walk you through everything: planning out your manuscript, completing the writing process, finding and hiring all the contractors you need, getting your cover designed, sourcing an ISBN, getting your book on Amazon and my exact best-selling book launch system.

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Work With Me 1:1

I take on a limited number of private clients and work closely with them to get their projects written and published. This is a full-service publishing option where I work as your publisher, and also your coach. We'll have regular check-ins so you are kept in the know about our progress, but I manage the entire process and work with my team to get your book ready for launch. If you just want someone else to do "all the things" necessary, but don't want to put in all the learning time to do it yourself, then this is the option for you. If you want to save money and spend time, you need my course. If you want to save time, you can do so by investing in me as your 1:1 publisher. I mean, that's what I would do. 😎

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