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Essentially, I do that in 3 ways. Let's be real simple about this:

1. You can join one of my seasonal co-author projects.
2. You can self-publish with my online course.
3. You can apply to work 1:1 with me as your publisher and mentor.

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⚡️I can help you get best-selling results like these:⚡️

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⚡️I work 1:1 with high-level leaders who are ready to G R O W⚡️

Becoming an author is an amazing accomplishment. 
It's a goal many wish to CRUSH but few feel is possible.
For me, for you, for everyone. 

Before I published my first book, I scratched my head for YEARS wondering how anybody could even FINISH a book, let alone find the time required to do it and then know what the heck to do next.

If you have an idea for a book or a journal, and you want someone to take on all the back-end "stuff" for you - I can help.

I am a master of self-publishing and will act as your publisher and coach as we put together your project and launch it on Amazon together.

Becoming a Best-Selling author adds credibility to your existing business/brand, builds authority and expertise in your space, creates opportunities for growth, networking, and audience expansion, broadens your exposure through an international search platform, and positions you as an industry leader on a brand new network where your ideal clients are already shopping. 

Oh, and it creates a revenue stream for you, immediately. 

Copy of Copy of Web Design Kit_ AGATE [B

Alright, cool. You ready to work together?

The first step to becoming a published author with me is to APPLY for a 1:1 publishing spot. I cannot (and will not) take every applicant for my Top Shelf program as I spend a lot of my energy privately coaching ALIGNED clients, not just anyone who wants to write a book. So? If you feel like your energy aligns with mine based on what you know about me (from creeping Insta, maybe? Or because someone referred you to me? 😎) then I urge you to fill in an application as soon as you can. If I am not currently accepting clients, you will be added to the waitlist.

I am also very energetically integral when it comes to selecting my Top Shelf roster and content. Again, I don't just take anybody who wants help, I must feel TRULY connected to your vision, message, and the goal of your project. Who is it going to serve? How will it help someone? Are you truly CLEAR and confident with your vision and project? That doesn't mean you need to, like, love pink in order to work with me... it just means I need to review what it is you're going to put out there and feel really good about promoting it. 

Q. I'm ready to apply. Now what?

A. Hit the application button and fill in the details. On the application form you'll also get an idea of what the investment looks like in order to work together, whether you want to publish a book, a journal, a workbook, or an agenda/planner. Publishing your project is an investment in many different currencies: time, energy, and (obvs) money. This is something we'll be working on for about 8-12 months, so my investment options are structured as either 6 or 12 month payments to align with the monthly work we'll be doing together.

Q. What happens after I apply?

A. I will review your application within 5-7 business days and if I have client space available, I will invite you to book a call with me so that we can fully discuss your project and what I can do for you as your publisher. On this call you can ask any questions about the process and deliverables, and you can let me know if you're ready to jump into the Top Shelf program.

Q. I'm also curious what happens next...

A. All the WELCOME things. 😎 There are lots of logistical "stuff" that gets set up if we're moving forward together, including a welcome package, details for booking your Author Kickoff Call, how to connect with me on all the platforms required, and setting up our payments. 

Then? We start KICKING ASS.

For real though. We start working on executing your vision, prepping for cover designs and layout, mapping out the next 8-12 months, having strategy and check-in calls, and generally becoming publishing besties as we navigate bringing your vision to REAL LIFE. 

Okay, so if this all feels like a HECK YES to you... (listen to your gut... what's she saying right now? Are you ready to tackle this project and serve MORE beautiful humans with your expertise/idea/system/method/story?)

...then what are you waiting for!?

Take the first step.


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Copy of Copy of Web Design Kit_ AGATE [B
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